Joe Mihevc is Toronto’s city councillor representing Ward 21, St. Paul’s West. He is an advocate for strong neighbourhoods, healthy communities, a clean environment and safe streets.

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Glen Cedar Bridge Engineering Repairs-Sidewalk Platforms

Glen Cedar Bridge Sidewalk Platforms – Update
In late June I met with City staff on the Glen Cedar Footbridge.  We discussed the scope of repairs needed to the side walkways, options for accelerating the schedule of work and an improvement to the chain-link fencing.  The City has consultants assessing the engineering scope of work at this time and the rehabilitation work for the bridge has been moved sooner.  This fall, the consultant will provide the assessment of work and I have asked for a short term solution that could be done before the winter. The full remediation work for the bridge will aim to begin at the end of summer of 2017 and would likely have final completion in Spring 2018.  This is great news since the first estimated start date was in 2019.

Regarding the chain-link fence, the height of the fence cannot be reduced for safety and liability reasons, so City Staff have agreed to create viewing windows in the fencing on both the north and south sides when the first temporary work is done. A section of fence will be removed where people can stand and see a clear view of the ravine on both the north and south sides.  Some people have compared the height of the chain fence to the original bridge railing.  It turns out the bridge railing does not meet the current safety code.  When the full rehabilitation work is carried out, the railing will be made higher by approximately 12 – 18 inches. When the full project design plans are ready in 2017, a consultation will be held for the community to provide input.

TTC Construction Notice: Upcoming works along St Clair Avenue between Wychwood Ave and St Clair West Station

This notice was sent out by the TTC:

TTC Notice – St Clair Avenue – track maintenance -concrete repairs St Clair Avenue

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