Joe Mihevc is Toronto’s city councillor representing Ward 21, St. Paul’s West. He is an advocate for strong neighbourhoods, healthy communities, a clean environment and safe streets.

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Glen Cedar Road pedestrian bridge: update

My office has received a few requests for information on why chain link fences have been put up on the sides of the Glen Cedar Road pedestrian bridge that crosses over the Cedarvale Ravine.

The update that we received from City Staff last week was that the bridge is currently being surveyed by City engineers to determine whether any structural concerns need to be addressed. The fences are up as a safety precaution and can be expected to be there for several weeks while work is being assessed. The bridge will remain open.

Winter Updates

As cold weather approaches, Toronto Water wants to help Torontonians learn more about how to prevent frozen and burst pipes this winter. The most important step is to insulate the pipes most prone to freezing, especially near outside walls, and in crawl spaces, the attic and garage. It is also important to seal air leaks around windows and doors, and to disconnect hoses and drain the outdoor water supply before the first frost. For more helpful tips, visit For winter updates in the coming months, visit our “Winter Updates” page here.