About Joe


Joe standing in front of office sign at City Hall

Joe has served the midtown area for the former City of York and the new City of Toronto since 1991.  His deep concern for social issues has led him to advocate for strong neighbourhoods, healthy communities, a clean environment and safe streets.


Joe has a M.A. and Ph.D. in Theology and Social Ethics (theses on Holocaust Studies and Canadian Mennonites, respectively).  He has served in a variety of capacities at the City and beyond which have helped shape his perspective on municipal policy.

Through the lenses of poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and community development, Councillor Mihevc strives for a Toronto that is aware, engaged, and equitable.

As a City Councillor, Joe has helped transform his neighbourhood with a variety of innovative projects. These include reclaiming the historic Wychwood streetcar barns into a new community and arts hub and local park; the revisioning Cedarvale Ravine Park including the addition of an outdoor rink and warming room; the rebuilding of St. Clair Avenue West’s light rail transit infrastructure and public realm.  Joe has been an active supporter of public libraries and local heritage, facilitating the construction of the Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre, securing a home for the Tollkeeper’s Cottage, and overseeing the redevelopment of both the Maria A. Shchuka and Wychwood library branches. With the support of many community leaders, Joe has spearheaded the refurbishment of playground and fitness equipment in parks across his ward.


Joe is a hands-on Councillor who believes that a healthy ward is active and engaged.  To this end, he facilitates many community-building initiatives.  Town hall meetings, information sessions, shop local campaigns, visits to seniors’ buildings, environment days, cornfests, and family movie nights are among his priorities to promote civic engagement. He also supports and facilitates many locally-led initiatives, like Secondhand Sunday, Supper With Syria, and Wychwood Open Door’s annual Trivia Night.


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