What’s in a Name?


The Laneway Project is a local initiative, driven and initiated by Ward 21 residents to celebrate and attach character to the many laneways that lace through our neighbourhood, while also creating a safer more navigable community. The goal of the project is to give residents an opportunity to commemorate members or groups within the community who have made considerable contributions to the local landscape of Ward 21.

To date, nine lanes have been named after local entrepreneurs, performers, activists and philanthropists, artists and historical figures – and the project is just getting started!

Now we are in the second round of nominations and look forward to recognizing a new group of noteworthy individuals who have helped shape our community.


What are the benefits to naming a laneway?

Naming laneways can benefit a community in some of the following ways:

Safety and Security

When laneways are named it is easier and faster for first responders (police, firefighters, paramedics) to locate emergencies that take place in and around the laneways.

Commemorating History

This project gives us the opportunity to honour and commemorate members of the community who have made contributions to the history of the neighbourhood. By allowing people to put forward their own nominations, we are able to recognize the contributions of people who have made a difference both to the community and the lives of the people who live here.



When the laneways have names, they have identities. They are symbols that allow communities to come together in shared history and storytelling.


Community Building

The process of naming the laneways is a community effort. The community is involved in every aspect of the process, and is consulted throughout.


Invites Further Laneway Improvements

If you feel a sense of ownership over the laneway, you’re more likely to want to keep it clean, keep it safe, etc. If the laneway is clean and safe, communities are more likely to organize events in and around the laneways.