Laneways FAQs

Applying for Laneway Naming

How do I apply to name a laneway?

To participate in the process to name a lane in Ward 21, you first need to have an idea of a person, organization, group, or “thing” you would like to commemorate. It is important that you consider the ways that this person, group or thing has helped shape Ward 21, in order to garner support for the nomination at a later stage. Once you have identified a lane and a name contact our Laneway Project Coordinator and they can provide you with the materials you will need to complete an application, and can answer any questions you may have about the process.

What are some tips to help me submit a strong laneway nomination?

  • Names must be unique. Any names that are put forward must not already been in use, or be too similar to existing street names, regardless of where they are in the city, as it creates confusion.
  • Nominations must commemorate noteworthy people, places, and things. They should ideally be local to the community, but this is not necessarily a rule, just a guideline.
  • Before an application can be approved, the nominator must have the informed, written consent of the group or person (or their representative or next of kin). This should be included in the application.
  • An application must have general public support. This means support from residents or businesses who directly about the laneway, as well as anyone who may be impacted
  • Compliance with the City’s Honourific and Street Naming Policy, which is attached

Who decides whether my nomination will be selected to become a lane name?

Applications are reviewed once all submissions for a round have been received. The laneway nomination committee will meet to review the applications and identify which nominations should move forward. Successful nominations are then sent to City Staff for additional approval from the City’s Engineering and Construction Services Department and the Emergency Services and Transportation Department. Once they are approved, Councillor Mihevc’s office will inform the laneway nominators. Laneway signage will be installed, and nominators will be contacted to organize the unveiling ceremony.