Off-leash Parks

We have 3 off-leash areas of dogs in Ward 21:


Cedarvale Park

Hillcrest Park

Wychwood Barns Park


Please check park signage for details on designated areas and times of operation.

Cedarvale Dog Park

To find more across the city, check the off-leash locations on the city’s website.

On-leash By-law

Our parks need to be shared equitably by various users.  Please have your dog on-leash when in our parks and ravines.  Ihave received feedback that the number of off-leash dogs makes some parks unwelcoming, including to other dog owners whose pets are on-leash.   Be warned that Inspectors do visit our parks at various times to enforce the by-law.  Sincere appreciation for your co-operation.


In Toronto, according to Municipal Code Chapter #349, all dogs must be kept on a leash whenever they are on any property other than their owner’s – unless they are in designated dogs off-leash areas. In a park (Code #608) a fine up to $5,000 may be issued for an off-leash dog.