Laneway Naming Project

A recent initiative to name the many laneways that lace in, out and between our roadways presented our ward with a unique opportunity to celebrate and honour our geographical landscape and the array of personalities that make up the heartbeat of Ward 21.  We are currently in the second round of this project.  Read more about the completed Round 1 below.

About the Project

The Laneway Naming Project is coordinated by the City’s Engineering and Construction Services department, but driven forward by Ward 21 residents.  Besides being a great way to commemorate local personalities, having names for individual lane segments in each block helps first responders and other non-emergency City services to pinpoint locations in need of service.  Furthermore, it is an opportunity for community members to come together, learn more about their neighbourhood, and participate in local geography.

There are two ways to contribute to the project:

Laneway Naming Committee

Each Committee is comprised of enthusiastic and active community members who are interested in learning more about other influential individuals.  The Committee is an excellent way to provide a service to your community and to contribute to establishing Ward 21’s unique character.

Members of the Committee adjudicate the laneway name submissions according to established guidelines, then make an appropriate selection for each lane. After the selection process, the Committee-selected nominations are submitted to the City of Toronto’s Engineering and Construction Services Department for review.  Committee members must be residents in Ward 21 and may not submit a lane nomination.

To Apply:

The Committee for Round 2 is now established.

Submit a Nomination

Any lane that has not already been named in Phase 1 is available to be nominated.  Nominators may not also sit on the Committee.  Nominating a lane involves putting together a submission package (click to download) and garnering support for your name from residents whose homes abut the lane.  Be sure to review the City’s Honourific and Street Naming Policy.

To Submit:

Packages must be submitted in hardcopy no later than Friday, April 15.  Packages can be mailed or dropped off at either my City Hall office or my community office (view contact information).  Please check back for updates on how to nominate a lane.

Project Round 2

Step 1: Formation of the Laneway Naming Committee

The Committee was confirmed on January 31, 2016.

Step 2: Nominators garner community support

Nominators should canvass the residences that directly abut the lane they have selected.

Note that in Phase 1 community support was solicited at a later stage.  To streamline the process, we are now asking nominators to garner support prior to submitting their nomination packages.

Step 3: Nominations submitted

Due Friday, April 15

Nominations are currently being accepted.  Click here for details on when and how to submit.

Step 4: Committee reviews submissions and makes recommendations to Engineering and Construction Services

Completion date TBA

Step 5: Engineering and Construction Services reviews and approves submissions

Completion date TBA

Step 6: Toronto and East York Community Council official approval

Date TBA

Step 7: Official name unveiling ceremonies

Dates TBA

Project Round 1

Nominations from the first round were approved by Toronto and East York Community Council on October 6, 2015.  Click here to read the committee minutes.

Phase 1 Approved Names (click each name for details):

Tollkeeper’s Lane – South from Davenport between Bathurst and Albany (see map)

Larry Priestman Lane – South of Marchmount, running east-west (see map)

Helen Porter Lane – Running north-south from Louise, between Wychwood and Kenwood (see map)

Dom’s Lane – Running north-south across from 123 Tyrrel, between Arlington and Rushton (see map)

Lauretta Brooks Lane – Parallel to Vaughan, running east-west between Arlington and Rushton (see map)

Bishop Arthur Brown Lane – South of St. Clair West, running west from Wychwood (see map)

Feel Good Lane – North of St. Clair West adjacent to Graham Park, between Atlas and Arlington (see map)

Dr. Howard Lowrie Lane – North of St. Clair West, running between Humewood and Rushton (see map)

Robert Zend Lane – Running north of Tyrrel, parallel between Greensides and Arlington (see map)

Bilton Lane – Running north from Lonsdale, west of Spadina (see map)