Bike Share Toronto


Bike Share Toronto is continuing to expand across the city and into Midtown.  I am very excited that residents can pick up this healthy and affordable mode of active transportation by accessing bike share stations close to home.  A day pass allows for unlimited rides with the first 30 minutes of a ride free! You can find a station at George Brown College and others across Davenport Road to The Artscape Wychwood Barns.  New locations for 2017 brings the service to St. Clair near Wells Hill Avenue, and, Vaughan Road.  The service should make its way to Eglinton in the future, but not until the opening of the Crosstown.  Enjoy the breeze with a ride down the escarpment, then leave the bike downtown to take the TTC home if too tired to face the hill!

Bike Share Davenport Sign
Bike Share Davenport

On that Note…


The TTC is enhancing their amenities to better accommodate people riding to the subway.  If your in sudden need of a bike repair, the TTC has installed self-service bicycle repair stops at many stations.  As a TTC Commissioner, I have worked tirelessly to expand bike parking at stations and in particular, protected bike parking.  Review the subway bike repair locations and list of expanded bike parking.

10 Year Cycling Plan


The City of Toronto’s Cycling Network Plan serves as a comprehensive roadmap outlining the City’s planned investments in cycling infrastructure over 2016-2025.  The routes and infrastructure decisions in the plan were informed by thousands of residents across the city providing feedback through the Toronto Cycling App, which is worn while riding, as well as via surveys, and consultations.  I met with residents from the Ward 21 cycling community to receive their suggestions for routes to improve cycling connectivity across the ward.  You can view the W21 Draft Route Map as well as the city’s network maps.  The city is also currently developing the Multi-Use Trails Plan for riding in ravines, along the waterfront, and through rail and hydro corridors.

Cycling network study ward 21 Toronto map

Cycling network study

Download: CyclingRouteMapW21