Road Works

Seasonal City Construction & Street Cleaning Operations


The city’s website is an excellent resource to look up all types of construction, from large capital projects to local utility upgrades such as water main and cable upgrades.

Summer Construction


TO INview is a map that shows the location of construction projects including those of other agencies like Metrolinx.  Details of each project

are given.  Ward specific lists can be viewed, we are Ward 21.


RoadRestrictions  is an easy look-up for all road restrictions throughout Toronto and includes a separate page for expressways and major route closures.  This is a good help for planning your travel routes across the city.


The Major Capital Infrastructure Coordination Office (MCIC) guides the multi-year planning of major infrastructure projects from the city and outside agencies with a goal of minimizing impacts on the public.  I know it can appear as though multiple works overlapping must not have been organized, but it is actually the opposite, and extensive effort begins years in advance.  If interested, I suggest you take a look at this page and take a peek into the level of co-ordination that can be seen when looking at the TO INview (Infrastructure Viewer Map below).

Seasonal Street Cleaning Operations

Winter Snow Cleaning

PlowTO  allows you to follow ploughs, salters, and sidewalk ploughs in real time to see the clearing progress!  You can check the map to see the last time a pass was done on your street.  During a snowfall, residents are asked to not contact 311 until after the snow has fallen.


A note about shovelling snow:

Please do not push snow from your property onto the roadway.  The result is less safe passage and a loss of street parking and it is also illegal to do so.  The city does not carry out snow removal from our streets, it ploughs snow out of the driving lanes to the curb.  Snow is to be placed on every available spot on your property, higher and higher if needed.


You can read more about this and further information about the city’s level of snow clearing on the winter road maintenance page of the city’s website.

Fall Leaf Cleaning

A note about raking leaves!!

Please do not rake leaves from your property onto the roadway.  The result is extra slippery blocked streets and it is also illegal to do so.  The city does not clear away piles of leaves from our streets, it sweeps the streets to clean the excess leaves that have fallen on the road.  All leaves are to be bagged and placed by the curb on garden waste pick-up days. If a landscape company tends to your property, please ensure they are aware.

Service Requests regarding road construction or street cleaning:


Phone 311 (24/7) or email