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The Toronto Transit Commission is responsible for the local transit network (buses, subways, and streetcars).  It also offers accessible transit for qualifying customers through Wheel Trans.

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What TTC Routes Serve Ward 21?



Streetcar Access


The 512 St. Clair route runs from Gunn’s Loop (Keele) to St. Clair station.  This route is entirely PRESTO enabled, and is now running the new, fully accessible streetcars.



Subway Access and Bus Routes


Ward 21 is situated along the Spadina branch of Line 1 (Yonge-University-Spadina).  When the Spadina Subway Extension (known as TSSYE) opens at the end of 2017, the line will provide direct access to York University and as far as the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.


St. Clair West

Direction: North-South

Entrances: St. Clair West north side (main), St. Clair West south side, Heath St. West (PRESTO only starting in September)

Connecting routes: 512 St. Clair, 33 Forest Hill, 90 Vaughan Rd., 126 Christie

Nearby: Loblaw’s, Wells Hill Park, Nordheimer Ravine, Cedarvale Ravine


Eglinton West*

Direction: North-South

Entrance: Accessible, PRESTO enabled; north side of Eglinton Rd. at Allen Rd.

Connecting routes: 32 Eglinton West, 63 Ossington, 109 Ranee, 332 Eglinton West

Nearby: Allen Rd., Ben Nobleman Park

*This station will be renamed Cedarvale Station when the Eglinton Crosstown is complete in 2022.  It will become an interchange station.



Direction: North-South

Entrances: PRESTO enabled; Dupont and Spadina Rd. northwest and southeast corners

Connecting routes: 26 Dupont, 127 Davenport

Nearby: George Brown College Casa Loma campus, Casa Loma