Joe Mihevc is Toronto’s city councillor representing Ward 21, St. Paul’s West. He is an advocate for strong neighbourhoods, healthy communities, a clean environment and safe streets.

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What’s behind the proposed laneway names?

A recent initiative to name the many laneways that lace in, out and between our roadways presented our ward with a unique opportunity to celebrate and honour our geographical landscape and the array of personalities that have contributed in some way to the life and times of Ward 21.

A Laneway Naming Committee comprised of enthusiastic and active community members, was established with the purpose of reviewing nominations. After a review process, the Committee selected the most suitable submissions which were submitted to the City of Toronto’s Engineering and Construction Services Department. They in turn will review the proposed names and present them to Toronto East York Community Council and City Council for approval.

The first round for nominations was closed end of October 2014, however, please stay tuned as we will continue this project later in the year as well and will advise residents closer to the time as to when the 2nd round commences.
For background on the proposed names in Ward 21, please click on each name:

Tollkeeper’s Lane – South from Davenport between Bathurst and Albany (see map)

Larry Priestman Lane – South of Marchmount, running east-west (see map)

Helen Porter Lane – Running north-south from Louise, between Wychwood and Kenwood (see map)

Dom’s Lane – Running north-south across from 123 Tyrrel, between Arlington and Rushton (see map)

Lauretta Brooks Lane – Parallel to Vaughan, running east-west between Arlington and Rushton (see map)

Bishop Brown Lane – South of St. Clair West, running west from Wychwood (see map)

Feel Good Lane – North of St. Clair West adjacent to Graham Park, between Atlas and Arlington (see map)

Dr. Will Lowrey Lane – North of St. Clair West, running between Humewood and Rushton (see map)

Robert Zend Lane – Running north of Tyrrel, parallel between Greensides and Arlington (see map)

Max Lindsay Lane – Running east-west between Helena and Hocken (see map)

Bilton Lane – Running north from Lonsdale, west of Spadina (see map)

Engineering and Construction Services is looking for your support in this exciting project. If you live or run a business adjacent to one of these laneway locations, please submit your support to no later than March 31st, 2015.  Kindly indicate in the Subject Line the proposed name of the laneway for which you are submitting support.

From the Halls of Higher Learning to City Hall: Improving ‘Town-Gown’ Relations in Toronto

On February 10, I brought a motion to Council asking for greater attention to be placed on the City’s relationship with our colleges and universities. I suggested that there is much to be gained from broadening our partnership with these institutions of higher learning. Fortunately, the Mayor and Council agreed, and the motion passed. Read more