Joe Mihevc is Toronto’s city councillor representing Ward 21, St. Paul’s West. He is an advocate for strong neighbourhoods, healthy communities, a clean environment and safe streets.

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Transportation Services’ action plan for the 2014 Spring clean up

Transportation Services will be commencing a City-wide Spring clean-up in Ward 21 between May 5th – May 16th.  The following will take place as they  move through the ward:

  • Roadway sweepers are running routes on arterials, collectors and then locals with activated extra mechanical sweepers due to the heavy grit and twig debris left on the roads after the harsh winter
  • Sidewalk sweepers are running prescribed routes, cleaning mostly along Arterial and Collector roads, including boulevard areas
  • Hand crews are out bagging and removing litter at various locations, including boulevards with significant winter debris and without property frontage
  • Crews and contracted staff are performing graffiti removal on a daily basis
  • Debris/Illegal dumping is being identified and removed
  • Hand crews will be responding to requests from MLS for debris removal in the road allowance
  • Boulevard maintenance by-laws are being enforced (eg providing notices, etc.)
  • Staff will be calling retail locations to pick up property if the owner is known (eg shopping carts on the boulevard)



Toronto’s ice storm protocol for tree removal no longer in effect

Residents and businesses are advised that the City of Toronto’s ice storm protocol is no longer in effect for the removal of tree hazards resulting from ice storm damage.  Returning to regular practice, the City again requires property owners to obtain a permit or Confirmation of Exemption from the Urban Forestry branch of the City’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation division prior to removing or injuring trees.

A permit is required if the tree on private property is regulated and protected by the City’s various tree protection bylaws. A Confirmation of Exemption is issued if the tree is not regulated and protected for example, if the tree is diseased and is a hazard. A permit is not required to prune a tree in accordance with good arboricultural practices, including removing cracked or broken branches.  Read more